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Matchbox Twenty Interactive Fan Network


Go backstage and be a part of the show with Matchbox Twenty like never before through ‘The Matchbox Twenty Network’ – a super fan community that lets you connect directly with Rob, Kyle, & Paul.

As a member, you’ll enjoy incredible access to live behind-the-music meet and greets and exclusive behind-the-scenes events. You can ask questions, connect with the band and fellow fans, and even virtually go on tour with the band! What’s more, a portion of proceeds goes to charity, making your experience even more meaningful.

Join Matchbox Twenty for a VIP seat for conversations about their creative process, the stories behind their music, everything that happens on the road and have all your questions answered by the band. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be part of Matchbox Twenty’s journey!

Membership Benefits include:

  • Behind the Music Live Interactive Meet and Greets: Each meet and greet is hosted by a band member where they will connect and chat with fans.
  • Interactive Fan Club Community Meet Ups: Virtually join Fan club events.
  • Virtual Backstage Pass: Go on tour with Matchbox Twenty with your virtual backstage pass and get access to pre-show rituals, after shows, behind the scene moments on the tour bus.
  • Special Giveaways: Win exclusive merchandise, signed swag, tickets, opportunity to win VIP experiences ($300+ value)

There are limited early access memberships available.


For questions regarding the Matchbox Twenty Network, please contact [email protected]