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Note from Rob

Posted April 9, 2013 by Mattbox Twenty 5 Comments

Rob Thomas posted a very informative note on his facebook page today, and we thought we should share it here:


So, it’s tour time again and we all know what that means. More messages about everyone’s problems getting the tickets they want. I can’t say everything I need to in 140 characters, so I thought I would direct everyone who cares to here.

Please understand that my twitter site isn’t the “ticket complaint” dept., so after this, I am not going to answer any questions regarding tickets. If anyone sees any concerns, please direct them here.

We’re working hard to get the best seats we can but there are many layers of commitments that we have to work within outside of a normal headlining show. It’s hard to explain but there are a lot of “hands in the pot” in terms of inventory for this tour. Normally, there would be a headline tour and you’d have to deal with the following:


Because we are doing this tour together with the GOO-GOO DOLLS, there is a lot more going on in terms of what demand is put on the tour for inventory. You have everyone below fighting for great seats:


All of these elements to the campaign are assigned holds or pull from opens (availability after holds). Also, because this is a Live Nation tour in sheds, most of the venues have season ticket holders that hold a license to the seats in the venue. These patrons get first pass at tickets and because this is a popular tour, I would guess most of those license holders jumped on the opportunity to purchase tickets.

Generally, VIPs and Platinum seats are assigned holds after the season ticket holds. Then, from there, fan club opportunities (both the bundle and the coupon code protected sale) are tied to 50% of the venue being open - basically the next best 50% of the house that's available. Then all additional requirements get peppered to serve as a middle ground to the fan club inventory (citi, label, etc.).

Also, we have gotten more replies from people that are happy with their seats than unhappy. Happy people don’t usually complain.

This is a complete list of why anyone may be having problems. I hope it answers everyone’s questions. See you out there.


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  1. DeniseMB20fan avatar

    On October 13, 2013, DeniseMB20fan said:

    Thank Rob for providing the information

  2. yoduhh avatar

    On April 15, 2013, yoduhh said:

    i learned in the last couple of tours there is no real ticket advantage to being in the fan club. i will always have the memories of the second row center seats i got in the past, and know that will never happen again.

    the world turns, things change. affordable fantastic tickets have gone the way of the dinosaurs

  3. KarynRD avatar

    On April 11, 2013, KarynRD said:

    Dear Matchbox Twenty,

    GroundCTRL has taken advantage of those of us who put out $500 for a Premium Bundle back in August of 2012. We've received more empty promises from them more than anything that costs $500. We've tried to reach out to them and one fan even put this YouTube video together in order to reach out to you. PLEASE HELP make this situation right.

  4. kathy Denton avatar

    On April 10, 2013, kathy Denton said:

    I certainly wouldn't complain to you Rob. Don't even know how to twitter. I do however think its important for you to know how your fans feel about your fan club. Last couple of years it is difficult to get good seats. I get that there are so many different areas that need seats but in the past, it use to not be so hard. I feel like you save so many seats for VIP packages it leaves the the rest of people who can't purchase those tickets. You are amazing and your true fans just want to be up close enough to see you and the band's passion and expression. You've been to we get older...Not willing to sit any further than the first five rows for my favorite band. You have to understand...we just love you and the band and want to benefit for joining the fan club. Otherwise....we all need to buy good tickets off of Tickets for charity or ebay. MB20 is so awesome and we love you no matter what happens!

  5. TJA1960 avatar

    On April 10, 2013, TJA1960 said:

    Feel bad that people are giving you a hard time about this Rob. I have been frustrated about tickets, but know the band has little input into that stuff. Thanks for reaching out.

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