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    Last year at this time, I had come back from the cruise and I was still charged. This winter has been so long and tedious in Massachusetts. I keep wondering why I live here and why I don't move South. /We've been so buried. No new Matchbox music and Rob's album is also a bit of time away. At least ordering the Digital Tour Booklet gives me something to look forward too. And yes! The AXS...

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    It's official!!! I'm going to see Aerosmith on July 25th!! I'm going to see my love Joe Perry!!! Again!! for the 4th time! they aren't great seats but better than nothing right? We will still be breathing the same air! I'm so excited (If you couldn't tell with all the exclamation marks) about seeing them! They are my favorite band on this planet! Every piece they have ever written is...

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    I haven't been on here in a while, so just wanted to check in with people. How is everyone? Anyone do anything fun over spring break? I visited my cousin who goes to ISU, which is where I want to go. I stayed for four days and it was really fun. I turned 17 and Emily crawled for the first time and so my aunt drove over quickly that night so I could witness it with my own eyes. it was great! I...

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    Anyone still get spring break?? All of my cousins either had spring break already or is having right now! But because my school is stupid... we are having it next week! no one in the Chicagoland area is having spring break that late but stupid St Charles, Im ready now! School,,, :(

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    Doesn't feel any different but after the 21st im now 17! I kind liked saying I was 16 so its going to be really weird saying im 17 now! My friend filled my car with 17 balloons so that was fun! and I got to spend the whole day with Emily so again amazing! she was wearing a little pink dress I bought for her a while back!

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    Happy Friday everyone, it's been a LONG DAY! haha see what I did there?

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    What is everyone doing on this lovely Friday? I'm just holed up in the house writing because it's so cold outside right now! Freezing!! So Chai Tea and Wattpad are my buddies for the day,

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    I have to admit, the concert it's self was GREAT!!! I went to MB20 and GGD @ Casino Rama back in Aug and the concert it self was GREAT! I purchase the DIAMOND PACKAGE!!! $800 + for 2 tickets front row, honestly I was disappointed when I found out that this did not include a meet and greet with the band! :( my heart was broken. So this is what $800 plus dollars gets you.... MB20 towel, water...

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    I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday! Other than that it has yet to stop snowing over here in Chicago, it has been awesome! My cousin who went to see MB20 with me last years 16th bday is next weekend so I plan to serenade her with a little Michael Buble! It will be great, im so excited! P.S. I also babysat Emily Rose the other day and it was awesome! My aunt and uncle were gone for the...

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    Happy Late Valentine's Day! I hope everyone had a great day! I bought heartfelt and well thought out valentines for all my family members and they all ran out and quickly bought me something... haha oh well. I spent my Saturday with Emily Rose so that was amazing because my aunt and uncle wanted to have a nice dinner so I babysat. she was so giggly and happy. so adorable. for valentines day I...


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